The production area of the Empordà DO, located in the far north east of Catalonia, encapsulates 48 municipalities spread across two districts. Empordà has two geographically distinct areas: Alt Empordà with 35 municipalities and Baix Empordà with 13. The production area of Alt Empordà is in the far north east of Catalonia (stretching northwards from the city of Figueres to the French border). It is protected by the slopes of the Sierra de Rodes and the Las Alberas Mountain Ranges, starting in Cap de Creus and spreading in an arch-like form to Garrotxa d’Empordà (Albanyà).

Alt Empordà borders the Pyrenees in the north, the Mediterranean in the east and flat plains to the south. 


The Empordà DO has very heterogeneous land, the majority of which has a sandy texture and low organic material content. This is ideal for high quality winemaking. The soils are largely acidic, and the area varies in height from sea level to an altitude of 260 m.