In 2008 a group of friends who love good wines gathered around a beautiful farm in Ventosa de la Cuesta, a small town attached to the DO Rueda. This estate of 34 hectares, inspired this group to embark on a wine project later called BELLORI WINE.

The vineyards are located in the so-called “Dehesa de Ventosa.” Area that was already famous for over 100 years and its prized grapes for the production of wine then Serrada and Seca. The farm is situated on a plateau over 800 m altitude, relief and gentle slopes under the Atlantic winds. The texture is sandy loam, very low fertility and abundance in the soil of the famed “gravel” (rocky soil typical of the area), which brings so much personality and all the DO wines. It has excellent aeration and drainage to the property which give a high permeability and subsequently transmitted to the plant and its fruit quality and excellent health.