Bodegas Montaña y Terruño is a vineyard-driven project, founded by a group of young friends with the goal of respecting tradition, honoring quality and searching for the essence of wine. The winery aims to produce wine with the perfect balance between fruit and wood which will allow the wines to be enjoyed immediately and age well. The initial vintages were made from purchased grapes carefully cultivated from 50-year and older vines. The project has since grown to encompass a new winery building in Castrillo de la Vega under the winemaking direction of Isaac Fernandez, and vineyard plantings in Castrillo and Aranda de Duero. Isaac’s philosophy is founded on quality and authenticity: “I try to make wines of the highest possible quality in every vintage and offer them to the world at reasonable and competitive prices. I try to respect to the maximum the identity of the vineyards and of the grapes with which I work; despite this it is not an impediment to be able to develop my wines and to invest them with an elegance that differentiates them from others.”